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Don't Just Envy This Treehouse and Skate Park, Learn How to Build It Yourself

The finished result. All photography by Foster Huntington.
The finished result. All photography by Foster Huntington.

The Cinder Cone from Farm League on Vimeo.

Occasionally, a film doesn't just elicit a personal reaction, but actually makes you want to be the protagonist. Cinder Cone, Foster Huntington's short documentary tracing the construction of his dream dwelling, a tree house suspended between two Douglas Firs in Washington, is one such production. The nomadic filmmaker and photographer, who occasionally works out of a mobile film lab, spent a year constructing the arboreal escape along with a crew of friends. Some were carpenters by trade, and others picked up skills suspended above the canopy. Playing like a cross between a music video and a dream summer, the film may inspire a few amateur architects to start looking towards the forest. Perhaps in anticipation of that reaction, Huntington has begun to turn his collection of project images and sketches into a book, currently raising funds on Kickstarter, which documents the yearlong process. While it's not a set of blueprints by any means, Huntington hopes it'll inspire others to pursue their own ideas.

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