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Obviously Haunted Mansion for Sale in Upstate New York

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MessyNessy brings our attention to this Queen Anne mansion in Camden, New York, currently on the market for a seemingly low price of $105,000. What could be making that price so low, despite the house being on the National Register or Historic Places? Could it be the fact that it is in foreclosure? Could it be the "Camden, New York" part? Or, could it be that the house is haunted??? Let's take a closer look at the above screenshot from Google Street View.



Yup, that is one haunted house. In addition to the handprints in the window—pretty compelling This House Is Haunted evidence—the house is also known as the W.H. Dorrance House. Dorrance rhymes with Torrance, which was the last name of the main character in The Shining. It's official: this house is haunted.
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