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Airbnb For Subletting Wants to Pay Your Rent As You Travel All Summer

"Just hand us your keys and enjoy your summer." While the tagline of Montreal-based online subletting service Flatbook, as well as the idea of setting off for the summer and letting a startup sublet your apartment, may have seemed more than shady just a few years ago, with Airbnb expected to raise enough for a $24 billion valuation this year, there's nothing unorthodox about the sharing economy anymore. Flatbook seems too good to be true; when you sign up, the service promises to pay all your rent and utilities when you're away, in exchange for the keys and a few photos. The company will push the apartments in question as both a regular sublet and a temporary stay for travelers, targeting those who may want more space and less expenses than a standard hotel room provides. Founder Lucas Pellan hopes that by creating a network of apartments under a central company, he'll be able to build a "brand" within a space dominated by Airbnb. According to PSFK, Flatbook is expected to be in 30 cities by the end of 2015. The company also seeks to create it's own system of short-term leasing, with apartments in major cities set up and decorated with its own team of interior designers.

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