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Step Inside a Massive, Ornate Log Cabin Asking $11M

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Shift your perspective, and don't be surprised if you didn't shift it enough. Skip the square footage for a moment. The house is a quarter acre inside. The property is over 1.4 square miles. You know you're talking about a big, remote property when the critter swimming across the water is not a duck on a pond but a moose in a lake-and the moose might want to wander around on your dock. There's an $11,000,000 property for sale that sounds innocuous and over-priced if all you concentrate on are the 4 bedrooms and 5 baths; but it is a 12,017 square foot house with several other buildings on 918 acres that includes a 150-acre lake. Dropping by isn't easy unless you have an airplane; otherwise, drive to Spokane, hang a left, and drive north another hour and a half or so. Welcome to a magnificent piece of real estate in Pend Oreille.

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