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Wyoming's Antelope Butte Is One Step Closer to Reopening

A ski area on the edge of Wyoming near the Montana border that shuttered in 2004 is now one step closer to reopening. Last week, the Antelope Butte Foundation (ABF) signed a purchase agreement with the Big Horn National Forest to acquire the assets of the ski area. For $275,000, the ABF bought the lifts, lodge, and outbuildings. After completing three payments for the property, ABF plans to undertake significant remodeling of the lodge and lifts before taking the next steps to seek a ski area operating permit from the USFS. This puts the ski area on tract to eventually reopen, providing affordable, accessible skiing and recreation. Look for increased fundraising efforts including a crowdfunding campaign and the second annual Antelope Butte Summer Festival on the weekend of July 17-19. Head over here for more info.