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Are Dog Goggles the Next Big Thing Out of Jackson Hole?

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All photos from the Rex Specs K9 Facebook Page

Jackson Hole has given snow lovers a lot to be thankful for: epic skiing, these luxurious mobile cabins, and a gorgeous Ai Weiwei exhibit on display this summer only. But the next big thing to hit ski country has nothing to do with architecture or powder. Nope, the prettiest town in the Tetons has now blessed us with dog ski goggles. Made by Rex Specs K9 (and thanks to Powder Magazine for the tip), dog specific eyewear is designed to give your four-legged friend goggle-like shades so that Fido too can sport that killer ski style. Of course, Rex Specs are also meant to protect your pooch from things like eye strain and sunburn, but we can't help but view these goggles as a slightly ridiculous snow fashion statement. To be fair, we thought that about dog booties when they first came out too, so maybe these pooch goggles "tested in the mountains of Jackson Hole" really are the next best thing to hit the snow world.

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