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Glassy Contemporary Fortress in Vail Lists for $13.9M

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If you've been looking for an architectural stunner with a bit of 1980s flair, look no further than this never-before-listed glass abode in Vail, Colorado asking $13.9 million. Built in 1988 and situated directly in Vail Village, from the outside the 5-bedroom, 5-bath house gleams with boxes and boxes of glass, while inside it's a sea of green. And we're not talking about the evergreen variety you normally see in ski towns; no, everywhere you look in the house you'll find bright steel beams powder coated in teal. Sure, the floors are hideous and we could do without some of the furniture patterns, but there's something oddly appealing about all that cheery teal. Just imagine dining in the (albeit small) boxed enclave that stretches into the forest: the snow's falling all around you, Seal is playing in the background, and there's nary a taxidermied deer to be found. What do you think, Curbediverse? Have we gone bonkers or is this ski fortress something special?

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