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You Could Win a Six-Bedroom House in Indiana With a 250-Word Essay

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If the idea of owning a log house in Columbus, Indiana is something that appeals to you, that idea could become a reality for a mere 250 words. A couple that bought their house in 2013 is running the contest to give away their home, asking for essays on the theme "A Life Well-Lived." It's not quite the giveaway it seems, though. It's actually more of a lottery and a rather clever way of selling the house, as there's a $150 entry fee and the couple says they will cancel the contest and return the entry fees if they get fewer than 4,500 entrants, ensuring that if they have to part with the house, they will get at least $675,000.

As for the 250-word minimum, interestingly, the historic Maine inn that announced a similar contest back in March asked for only 200 words, which means that price of essay-based sales is going up—25 percent in a mere three months.
· Indiana Couple Runs $150 Essay Contest for Beautiful Log Home [ABC]