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Proposed Affordable Micro-Hotel a Tall Order for Aspen

One of Aspen's busiest developers, Mark Hunt, says he will likely pull his proposal for an affordable, tiny-room hotel on Main Street if locals succeed in their attempts to set the project for a public vote. The Aspen City Council approved the project, called Base 2, despite its variances on total square footage, setbacks and parking. Base 2 would build a 36-foot-tall, 18,700 square-foot lodge whereas zoning allows for 32 feet in height and 7,500 square feet in floor area. But Hunt's application was submitted before a referendum passed in May that requires an election any time the council approves a downtown commercial project with variances. Now, according to the Aspen Daily News, some Aspen residents are collecting signatures that would bring the Base 2 up for a local vote. Hunt believes the project has merit in bringing affordable, economy-level lodging to downtown Aspen. His opponents want any development at the site of the Conoco gas station at Main and Monarch streets to adhere to existing city standards.

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