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As a New York City Bridge Reopens, a Neglected Park Remains in Its Shadow

Earlier this June, after a lengthy $61.8 million renovation process, the High Bridge reopened to the public for the first time in over 40 years, finally leaving the list of abandoned New York City Landmarks. Since its unveiling, thousands of visitors have walked across this refurbished span, enjoying views of the Harlem River and visiting the Bronx and Manhattan halves of Highbridge Park, now reunited after a long separation. The "glorious" restoration of the High Bridge has rightfully been hailed as a major step forward in the ongoing rebirth of the Harlem River and is one of the largest projects to be completed along this shoreline, which now hosts a jigsaw puzzle of unconnected new parkland, green spaces, and playgrounds. While the ribbon-cutting at the High Bridge has brought public attention to this lesser-known corner of the city, it remains to be seen what lasting impact the bridge will have on its immediate surroundings.

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