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All-Concrete House in South Korea Sports Two Concave 'Moons'

Architectural inspiration can come from very unlikely places, even bad movies. Reliably nutty architect Moon Hoon and his client were inspired by the less-than-well-received drama/romance film Two Moon Junction to craft this rugged concrete structure which is literally punctuated with spherical moon motifs. The building—named Two Moon—is located outside Seoul, South Korea and houses a coffee shop and gallery on the ground floor. Its top half is divided between a residence for the client and one for his brother.

The unfinished appearance was partially due to a low budget, though the architect's statement does call the building "A free spirited space, somewhat erotically charged like the movie, a place full of festivity and relaxed atmosphere." Some of that description may be lost in translation, but the design's astronomical motifs—from spherical domes to constellations and, of course, the traditional "Moon Door"—certainly set it apart.

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