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Majestic Castle in the Adirondacks Offers Turrets, Knights, and Secret Passageways for $12.8M

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All photos via Sotheby's

Location: Bolton Landing, New York
Price: $12,800,000

Perched above Lake George in upstate New York's Adirondack Mountains, the Highland Castle is a magnificent labor of love born out of an ambitious father's somewhat over-the-top promise to his child. In 1978, a man named John Lavender told his three-year-old son that he would build a castle for them, and more than a decade later, he delivered on his word. Sitting at the end of a 2,000-foot-long driveway, past two lion statues, this castle was built from 800 tons of stone and is about as castle-y as a 30-year-old castle can be. There are ample turrets, balconies, secret passageways and staircases, stained-glass doors, plus a few mood-setting hand-carved wooden knights flanking the central fireplace. The property was offered for $14.8M in 2013, but has now returned to the market for $12.8M.

Though the 6,000-square-foot castle contains just two bedrooms, each has been showered with lavish features. The master wing comes with a two-story sitting area and the guest suite includes a hand-hammered copper tub. Down in the grand living area, there are 25-foot high beamed ceilings and 21 floor-to-ceiling windows capturing 180-degree views of the lake and mountains. Set on eight acres of private land, the property also includes a carriage house and gate house, each offering two bedrooms for commoners guests.

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