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No Evil Villain's Lair, This House Still Has a Trick Up Its Sleeve

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All photos by <a href="http://www.hoerbst.com/">Kurt Hoerbst</a> via <a href="http://www.dezeen.com/2015/06/25/electronic-shutters-facade-house-gt-linz-archinauten-austria/">Dezeen</a>
All photos by Kurt Hoerbst via Dezeen

You'd be forgiven for taking one look at this three-story glass jewelbox of a house in Linz, Austria, and assuming it was the lair of a Bond baddie. It fits the bill, after all. Rectilinear, minimalist profile: check. Dark, slightly menacing metal cladding: check. But what has this quite lovely contemporary house, the residence of two software engineers and their kids according to Dezeen, going full-on villain's-hideaway are shutter-like perforated-metal screens that are electronically controlled. Local firm Archinauten designed House GT's shutters to operate with the swipe of an iPad, closing across the glazed facade from one end to the other like pleats. The screens also do double-duty allowing filtered sunlight into the lovely open-plan interiors.

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