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Works by Frank Lloyd Wright and More Get the Tiny Treatment

Once in awhile, the stars align and everything is suddenly right on the Internet. That was just the case when our browsers fell upon Atlas of Interiors, a user-uploaded encyclopedia of architecture in dollhouse form. It's universally agreed upon that architecture always looks infinitely more whimsical in miniature—Need proof? Coffee tables, luxurious birdhouses, and wee shelves—and these teeny-tiny handmade creations might be the most whimsical of all. Crafted by the extremely detail-oriented students at the Politecnico di Milano, an Italian technical university, these dainty dollhouses will make you swoon.

Mario Botta, Casa a Massagno, 1979
Built by Jan Pospichal

Frank Lloyd Wright, Storer House, Los Angeles, USA, 1923
Built by Katarzyna Zyngiel

Theo van Doesburg, Model Artist House, 1923
Built by Florence Kocher

Alvar Aalto, Paimio, Finland, 1929
Built by Lucie Bilà

Artaria & Schmidt, Casa Huber, Riehen, Switzerland, 1929
Built by Petra Holasova

Adolf Loos, Villa Müller, Prague, Czech Republic, 1930
Built by Natalia Vargova

Vittoriano Viganò, Condominio in piazza Perego, Milano, Italy, 1957
Built by Kasia Burzyńska

Peter Eisenman, House VI, Frank Residence, Cornwall, USA, 1975
Built by Vanessa Matos

Marcel Breuer, New Canaan II, Connecticut, USA, 1951
Built by Petra Holasova

Franco Albini for Marcenaro, Genoa, Italy, 1952
Built by Adela

Carlo Mollino, Casa Devalle, Torino, Italy 1940
Built by Korinna Weber

Louis Kahn, Esherick House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1961
Built by Lisa Schubert

Marcel Breuer, Stillman House, Litchfield, USA, 1954
Built by Petra Holasova

Buckminster Fuller, Dimaxyon House, Chicago, USA, 1927
Built by Yunpeng Zhao

Luciano Baldessari, Appartamento Spadacini, Milan, Italy, 1933
Built by Aneta Dvorakova

Ettore Sottass, Interio a Milano, 1957
Built by Jan Pospichal

Aldo van Eyck, Hubertus House, Amsterdam, 1974
Built by Florence Kocher

Le Corbusier, Shodan, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 1956
Built by Vit Vondracek

Eileen Gray, E-1027, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes-Maritimes, France, 1929
Built by Regina Manuelito

Ettore Sottass, bedroom for the exhibition in Florence, 1965
Built by Jan Pospichal

Steven Holl, Berkowitz House, 1984-1988, USA
Built by Zuzanna Dudzicka

Luis Barragan, Casa Gilardi, Mexico, 1976
Built by Zuzanna Dudzicka

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