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Now Might Not Be the Best Time to List Your House With the Framed Confederate Flag, J. Crew CEO

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J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler is trying to sell his 30-acre Hamptons compound for $85 million (and also his Tribeca apartment, for $35 million) and that means putting pictures of the place on the internet, and that means that now everyone knows that he has a framed Confederate flag—the first official national flag of the Confederacy, known as the "Stars and Bars," not the one that all the current controversy is about, which, apparently, is called the "Blood-Stained Banner"—hanging on his wall. Broker Paul Brennan tells Gawker that the picture has been removed from the listing "because somebody pointed it out on some website." As for whether the flag itself has been removed, he "will go check later."

It is not yet clear whether or not Drexler, or his decorator, knew or cared that he featured a Confederate flag prominently above his couch. "Who in their right mind would think, Hey, there's a Confederate flag, I'm gonna hang that on my wall?" Brennan asked, seemingly meaning the question rhetorically.
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