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President Ford's Chalet Finally Sells for More Than Half Off

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After over seven years on the market and a slew of price chops, the ski chalet of President Gerald Ford has finally sold. Despite boasting 11,629 square feet, ski-in/ski-out access, and an inlaid presidential seal in the entryway, this poor Beaver Creek house just couldn't find a buyer. But all that presidential pomp must have finally won someone over, because although it was originally listed for $14.9 million, the home just sold to an anonymous buyer at a serious discount of $6.65 million.

Decorated in creams and earth tones, the owners spent $4 million in 2009 to update the home while maintaining its storied history. There's a presidential seal inlaid with granite and stone in the entryway, a high-end formal dining room designed with a Marie Antoinette-parquet floor to entertain foreign dignitaries, and a study containing a floor tile located behind President Ford's desk which shows the wear-and-tear left by his favorite chair. There's even a claw foot fireplace with an engraved inscription by President John Adams that originally came from the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House.

And burglars beware, this ski chalet was built to protect a president. The home's guest quarters used to house the Secret Service, and the master bedroom is securely located upstairs, far from peeping eyes.

Take a look at the photos:

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