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Space-Saving Storage System Hangs All Your Junk in Mid-Air

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We've seen plenty of storage solutions focused on maximizing floor and wall space— heck, here are two whole lists of them—but when it comes to ceiling space, there's still room for improvement. Or so thought Germany-based industrial designer Jordi Iranzo, who, upon seeing chilling bird's-eye-view photos of tiny apartments in Hong Kong, realized the only way to go is up. Dalt, Iranzo's recently unveiled ceiling storage system, introduces four pulley-operated objects that look a whole lot more graceful and streamlined than other overhead storage options out there.

The four pieces are designed to replace common household furnishings like laundry baskets and nightstands. There's a white steel clothes rack, a steel-and-leather laundry sack, a circular wielded-steel basket that can go beside or over the dining table, as well as a versatile rectangular rack for holding office supplies, sports equipment, and more.

While this system seems to break a cardinal rule of small space living—keep junk out of sight—it does look rather pretty doing so. Curbed readers, would you be up for this?

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