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Of Course Johnny Depp Owns an Entire French Village and Is Listing It for $26M

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Even if you didn't already know about this, it should come as no surprise that Johnny Depp owns a French village that has been renovating house by house since 2001. Of course he does. He's Johnny Depp, a man whose real estate appetites are rivaled only by the likes of Nicolas Cage. Johnny Depp owns his own island in the Bahamas. Johnny Depp owns an enormous mansion in the suburbs of Nashville, for some reason. Whenever an expensive house sells in the English countryside to a mystery buyer, everybody is just like, eh, probably Johnny Depp. So, yeah, Johnny Depp owns and has been restoring a French village.

Also, taking all that into account, it follows that owning a French village in addition to handfuls of other mansions and estates around the world could become more of a burden than a luxury. Hence, Johnny Depp has put his French village on the market for $26 million.

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