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Architecture: Still the Sexiest Fake Job Around

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Anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy knows that for the past three decades or so, architecture has been the profession of choice for fictional hot guys. As the AV Club explains, "architect" is code for "sensitive, but not girly," and the architects of film always make lots of money, and are consistently employed working on highly creative projects. But what about the architects of reality? Don't worry—they're super hot too. Via a very funny (but not in the way it's intended) list of the "Top 10 Sexiest Jobs for Men" from CollegeAtlas, itself via Archinect, on which "architect" ranks number one: "If there's one thing a woman wants in a man, it's commitment and stability. Nothing screams commitment like something that is built on a concrete foundation and set in stone: literally." There you have it, ladies. If you're looking for a great husband, try to marry an architect who has accidentally gotten his feet stuck in a pool of concrete. That guy is never going anywhere.
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