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Must Watch: Sheriff Videotapes Illegal Camps in Telluride

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Ski town homelessness is a serious problem, but a recent video shot by Telluride County Sheriff Bill Masters shows just how bad the situation can get. We've documented the rise of people living in tiny homes, tents, or their cars due to a lack of affordable housing in places like Jackson Hole, but Masters' video shows the environmental impact of illegal encampments. Set off of the Jud Wiebe Trail above downtown Telluride, the "campsite" (if you can even call it that) shows piles and piles of trash on the hillside and inside two small wooden structures. The trash gets so thick that the trail becomes un-passable. "Can you imagine what the clean up cost of this is gonna be?" Masters said on the video. "Absolutely outrageous."

Tell us Curbediverse, is this the cost of the high price of ski town rents?

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