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This Is a Really Poor Stair Traffic Strategy

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Look, we admire Utah Valley University for trying to come up with a way to make their staircases (well, one particular staircase) more orderly with what design you trust refers to as "smart stairs." But these are not smart stairs. These are, in fact, the opposite of smart stairs.

The basic tenet of walking up the stairs correctly is simple: keep to the right. That way, the people walking up do not collide with the people walking down. And that's it. If everybody keeps to the right, it should all go pretty smoothly. But if everybody abides by the rules of this staircase, the people walking down will keep to the right, and the people walking up will—in defiance of nature and everything that is holy—keep to the left, and they will walk into each other.

See? This is exactly what we're talking about. They're gonna walk into each other. Goddamnit.

Also, anybody who is walking up the stairs while texting isn't going to notice the signs, and anyway, they deserve to get bumped into.
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