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One of History's Sparkliest Homes Will Be Reconstructed in Sheboygan

What's the most inspired you've ever been by a song? Take that feeling, multiply it by one billion, and you will still not even come close to understanding how inspired artist Loy Bowlin was by Glen Campbell's 1975 song "Rhinestone Cowboy." Bowlin decided to recreate his entire persona around the title character in the song, and in the late '70s dubbed himself The Original Rhinestone Cowboy and covered every surface of his Mississippi house, the Beautiful Holy Jewel Home of the Original Rhinestone Cowboy, with rhinestones. (He also put rhinestones on everything he owned, including his dentures.) Bowlin died in 1995, but the house lives on, having been saved from demolition and donated to the Kohler Arts Center of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who are in the process of recreating parts of it to display, starting in December.
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