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This Small Apartment Was Redesigned to Fit a Growing Family

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Eight-hundred-square-feet may seem like a lot of space for an urban apartment for two people, but all that changes when you add a new baby to the equation. To get their small pad in Melbourne's Central Business District ready for their first child, one Aussie couple hired local firm Clare Cousins Architects to work some partitioning magic. Instead of erecting walls for individual bedrooms, the designers decided to maximize shared living space. As Dwell details, the solution involved building "micro bedrooms" demarcated by full-height, cost-effective pine plywood joinery and enclosed by sliding doors akin to Japanese Shoji screens.

The two "micro bedrooms," both outfitted with full-height cabinets, are placed right next to each other to form a wooden cube of sorts in one corner of the space. A ladder in another corner of the open living and kitchen area leads to a lofted guest bed, right above a very small workspace. Get the rest of the renovation and decor details on Dwell.

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