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8 Kingly Rentals Awaiting Your Despotic (or Benevolent) Rule

Calling all landless, but ambitious, rulers: Finally, a rental guide for you! Renting a Parisian château can cost less than a trip to Disneyland, while some teeny tiny countries—think an alpine hamlet of 62 square miles—take reservations for up to a week at a time. Is a tree house island in Fiji or a Hungarian village more your speed? That's also a possibility. These days, you don't need to be born into a family of despotic rulers; you can take a short vacation as one. Below, we've assembled 8 princely properties for anyone with a serious superiority complex.

Duns Castle, Berwickshire, Scotland
Price: Upon Request
Bragging Rights: Built around a 14th-century peel tower bequeathed by King Robert the Bruce, this elegant estate has a restrained-Gothic feel that would be just right for your next coven meeting.

Megyer, Hungary
Price: $780 per night.
Bragging Rights: This struggling post-soviet village—only 110 miles from Budapest!—will roll out the red carpet for you, allow you to change some of the 11th-century street names, and crown you Mayor of their fair village.

Château de Sorel, France
Price: $600 per night.
Bragging Rights: We're not going to tell you what to do with your own moat—that would be presumptuous—but were assuming, if you're reading this list, you already have a few things in mind.

Laucala Island, Fiji, South Pacific
Price: $20,000+ per night.
Bragging Rights: It might be difficult to know where to stay on Laucala. With five restaurants to chose from, 25 residences, and 20 private pools, we're assuming you won't get bored.

Price: $70,000 per night.
Bragging Rights: The only property that can technically bestow the title of King, this one comes with 35,000 inhabitants, customized street signs, and temporary currency. It's unclear whether you're actually allowed to invoke sovereign rule, but any entrepreneurial dictator can find a way around that.

Villa Lake Como, Italy
Price: $12,382+ per night.
Bragging Rights: Two luxe villas lie on opposite ends of the harbor, each flanked by ancient terracotta statues. We're almost 100% sure that doesn't sound haunted.

Château Du Jonquay, Normandy, France
Price: $1,200 per night.
Bragging Rights: A 17th-century château, this pedigreed estate boasts a heated pool, formal gardens, and an Empire library that's perfect for your next historic reenactment.

Waterford Estate, Ireland
Price: $24,763 per night.
Bragging Rights: Set on the River Suir, a 16th-century castle on its own private island is firmly above bragging.

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