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This 3D-Printed Sofa is Strong Enough to Support Your Dad Bod

Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen has produced a 3D-printed couch—called Sofa So Good—with remarkable structural strength. Kyttanen, the creative director of a 3D printer manufacturing company, sought to balance an optimal structure with the sofa's look and feel—in short, it would have to be functional and beautiful. Inspired by spider webs and cocoons, the sofa's 3D-printed resin mesh is coated in copper and chrome for a polished look. Despite its weight—a mere 5.5 pounds from .66 gallons of resin—the couch stretches almost 5 feet and supports 220 pounds. While the design is striking, Kyttanen sees environmental benefits, too: If more furniture and products could be 3D printed in this way, it would vastly cut down on the resources needed to manufacture and transport them.

Janne Kyttanen [3D Systems]