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A Pair of Greek Isle Summer Houses Offers Killer Views

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All photos by Ioanna Roufopoulou via <a href="http://yatzer.com/syros-block722-architects">Yatzer</a>
All photos by Ioanna Roufopoulou via Yatzer

Designed by Athens architecture studio Block 722, these twin summer houses on the Greek isle of Spyros aren't particularly creatively named, sporting Seussian monikers Spyros I and Spyros II, but the spectacular views from each more than make up for it. Like other Cycladean architecture—popularized the world over by dreamy travel brochures—this pair too offers the rugged, picturesque charms of walls made of stacked stone and wide swaths of whitewashed stucco. At each house, central volumes contain the common areas, including a living room and kitchen, while bedrooms and guest rooms occupy their own wings, all organized around herb-planted courtyards. And while that all sounds like a perfect dream, it's the infinity pools that take the cake, offering as they do uninterrupted Mediterranean panoramas.

A Pair of Summer Houses on Syros, Greece by Block722 Architects [Yatzer]