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Quiz: Do You Work in a 'Cool' Office?

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Dezeen ran a photo-heavy feature today about LinkedIn's offices on the 28th floor of the Empire State Building, which, sometime between 2012 and now, apparently went full Facebook with a renovation that includes a "hidden speakeasy," billiards table, vestibule covered with 133 rotary phones, bright blue hallway, and more. LinkedIn is neither the first company to decorate its offices like its a futuristic children's museum, nor will it be the last, as companies all over are seeing the benefits of giving employees lots of toys to play with and colors to look at. But wait, you may be thinking to yourself. I work at a company. Does my company have cool offices? Take this quiz to find out.

What greets you when you get off the elevator?
a) a human person sitting at a desk
b) a robot made out of recycled litter that was collected from a national park
c) a human person sitting on a desk made out of bouncy balls
d) there is no elevator, I get to the 28th floor by bouldering up an artificial rock face

Do you have your own work station?
a) yes, I work in a cubicle that I have decorated with pictures of my family
b) sort of, I have my own two-by-two square on a long table made out of a ship's hull
c) depends how many people want to work from the hot tub
d) no, but if I need some private time I can turn on my hover pack and work from the ceiling

Is there a room in your office that nobody can figure out what it's for?
a) we don't use conference room #2 very much, does that count?
b) oh, are you talking about the fuchsia room?
c) I don't know, does an open air atrium count as a room?
d) of course not, everybody knows the ball pit room is for relaxation

What's your favorite game to play in the office?
a) Minesweeper
b) Grand Theft Auto IV
c) water polo
d) virtual reality water polo

What kind of snacks do they have in your office?
a) individual bags of chips, granola bars
b) there's a five-star chef that makes us whatever we want
c) big tub of Go-Gurt
d) there's a five-star chef that makes only Go-Gurt

How old is your boss?
a) normal boss age, like 70 years old
b) younger than me, but also way smarter
c) my boss is a baby
d) frozen in a cryogenic chamber and thawed out once a quarter to give a pep talk

To find out your results of this quiz, call your boss and ask him "Do we have a cool office?" If he says yes, congratulations, you work in a cool office.