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Outfit a Room in 30 Minutes with This Cardboard Furniture Set

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Lying somewhere between "high-end" cardboard furniture that does't look like cardboard and versions that aren't even trying is "Room in a Box," a new product from Toronto-based cardboard design firm Our Paper Life that aims to drastically simplify the process of furnishing a room. Everything one might need for a very, very basic room—a bed frame, chair, desk, dresser, and garbage bin—can be found in a (wheeled) box that can be lugged around by one person. All of these components, the firm claims, can be set up in 30 minutes without tools or glue.

"Room in a Box" isn't trying to overreach. It's not promising fancy features or enviable style. Though there could be applications for kids (all those primary colors!) and disaster areas, the product is mainly targeted at college students, a.k.a. nomadic folk likely to value affordability and convenience over, you know, any sense of a real, settled home.

Anyway, Our Paper Life is currently crowd-funding to get "Room in a Box" into production. Early-bird pre-orders on Indiegogo are going for $149 a set, with an expected delivery date of August 2015. Below, more promo shots and a video demo:

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