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15 Marvelous Design-Themed Instagram Accounts You Never Knew You Needed

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If you're into architecture, design, and general visual deliciousness, it probably comes as no surprise that Instagram is the place to be. While there are plenty of designers, studios, and even media outlets (including Curbed!) sharing intriguing 'grams everyday, there are also quite a few subject-specific, thoroughly inspired Instagram projects that are totally fascinating to follow. We've rounded up some of the best that are updating regularly and are quite confident there will be something up your alley.

Know any amazing Instagram accounts other design lovers should check out? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

A photo posted by serjios ♦️ (@serjios) on

Follow @serjios for "the duel between man and architecture." [Full story]

Follow @uglybelgianhouses for the amusing public shaming of Belgium's questionable residential architecture.

Follow @ihavethisthingwithfloors for the best #selfeets.

Follow @pixdar for a taste of old Paris.

Follow @homesteadseattle for gorgeously restored vintage furniture (that you can buy.)

A photo posted by #HellaFilters™ (@dmeek) on

Follow @dmeek for intriguing homes in St. Louis, Missouri.

A photo posted by Taylor Mazer (@tlmazer) on

Follow @tlmazer for amazingly detailed, tiny drawings of the urban landscape. [Full story]

A photo posted by IDEA (@ideabooksltd) on

Follow @ideabooksltd for a peek into incredible vintage art and design books.

Follow @superarchitects for boundary-pushing ideas in design and architecture.

A photo posted by @sejkko on

Follow @sejkko for dreamy portraits of traditional Portuguese houses. [Full story]

Follow @thibaudherem for intricate architectural drawings.

A photo posted by Michael Salisbury (@msalisbu) on

Follow @msalisbu for gloomy-chic shots of America's capital of architecture (well, to many folks, at least.)

A photo posted by Yener Torun (@cimkedi) on

Follow @cimkedi for Istanbul's colorful, geometric buildings. [Full story]

A photo posted by Shell (@shell_kr) on

Follow @shell_kr for wondrous close-ups of beautiful (and sometimes pretty filthy) walls.

A photo posted by Nikola Olic (@nikolaolic) on

Follow @nikolaolic for architecture, abstracted.

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