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This Week in Social: Bucky On a Swing, #RentersWeek, and The Frick is Safe (For Now)

Welcome to Curbed's new weekly round-up of architecture and design on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and (god forbid) even LinkedIn. Collected from retweets, intra-office chats, and, well, anything that sent us into a 140-character tizzy, this is what Curbed editors actually read this week. Please be in touch if you have a recommendation for next week.

1. We're a little late on this—AnOther mag beat us to the punch—but that doesn't make Virtual Geometry any less architecturally pornographic. Please add this to the list of sites that we will gladly let ruin our productivity.

#BuckminsterFuller swinging in one of his #GeodesicDomes circa 1950s #mastersofmodernism

A photo posted by Patrick Parrish (@mondoblogo) on

9. We all know Buckminster Fuller as the eccentric, but ultimately adoring Grandfather of architecture. Need evidence? Both Norman Foster and Einar Thorsteinn are among his apprentices. In case you need a Friday pick me up, this picture of Bucky swinging from a geodesic dome should do the trick.
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