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Vote: The Best of the Worst Curbed Renter Horror Stories!

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The moment has come: It's time to vote for the worst tale of renter woe from across the Curbediverse. Which story inspired the most cringing, hand-wringing, or flat-out revulsion? Will it be the New York renter who dealt with an eye-popping rat infestation? The Boston tenants who found mushrooms sprouting from their carpets? The tale of the New Orleans landlady from hell? The winner receives a much-needed two-night staycation. The power is in your hands. And if you've missed any of the crazy stories, the poll is fully linked for all your catch-up needs. Polls close at noon EST on Sunday, so act fast!

Poll results

Jackhammers, Roaches, Mice, and Masturbation [Curbed LA]
Crazy Landlady Turns Dream House Into a Nightmare [Curbed NOLA]
'It Seemed Like a Great Deal' [Curbed Seattle]
When Rats Invade: Surviving an Infested West Village Rental [Curbed NY]
Was it a Murder Weapon? [Curbed Miami]
Rats, Flies and an Absentee Landlord [Curbed Chicago]
Roommate from Hell [Curbed DC]
That's No Peach Fuzz [Curbed]
Mothballs, Cold & Toilets, Oh My! [Curbed Atlanta]
Renters Endure a Comically Bad Super To Live in a Better 'Hood [Curbed NY]
Renters Week 2015 [Curbed]