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It Doesn't Get Much Worse Than Buying a Home That's Infested with Snakes

We chose to top this post with the image above because, quite frankly, it was one of the least gross images from a story out of Annapolis, Maryland about a couple that bought a house (via a realtor whose mother owned the place, and who also happened to be their neighbor) only to find out that it was, as their lawyer put it, a "snake den." The prevailing image, which pops up repeatedly over the course of the two minute video, is of a glue trap with two small snakes and an assortment of very large insects stuck to it. Other images include "snake tracks" inside the houses walls, snake skins lined up on a board in the living room, and streaks of (presumably snake) feces. It is a literal nightmare. Everything about this is a nightmare. Enjoy this nightmare story.
· Welcome to 'The Snake House': Lawsuit claims home infested with snakes [Capital Gazette, via NYP]