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Fancy, Custom Tunnels: The Season's Must-Have Home Amenity

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As media rooms and wine cellars lose their cachet, a new amenity is becoming the must-have features that can set a high-end home apart: tunnels. Not just for servants (or bootlegging) anymore, tunnels are attracting the attention of developers and homeowners, according to a feature in The Wall Street Journal, who are installing or renovating them to give their home something different.

Practical considerations, such as a rule in the Hamptons that restricts owners from building more than one home on a single property, makes subterranean additions clever work-arounds that allows for more space. But by and large, those breaking ground or installing secret passageways through their homes are doing it for entertainment (a hidden, Alice in Wonderland-designed play place for kids) or convenience (a 70-foot long, stucco tunnel in Florida with a sound system that connects a large home with the beach across a busy roadway).

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