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Books, Bike Grease, and Bliss: A Stylish Apartment Hotel Offers a New Way to Stay

Special circumstances call for a special space. When life gives you lemons in the form of a remote work placement or a period of interpersonal transition, you can couch surf, sure. Or you can drag your weary bones to ROOST Apartment Hotel, whose handcrafted furnishings and bespoke amenities create a space for thinking, reading, socializing, and of course sleeping. ROOST is an "alternative approach to hospitality...designed to ease a transitional period and encourage immersion to new surroundings." With interiors designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, ROOST features 27 furnished, fully equipped residences in its current location at 15th and Chesnut, and "a second location at 1831 Chestnut Street is expected to be up and running with 27 more units, plus a restaurant, by the fall.

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