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The Creepiest Craigslist Apartments for Rent Right Now

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Bedroom for rent at Wingpointe apt via Craigslist

Is there anybody who actually likes trying to find a place to live on Craigslist? It's definitely a challenge weeding through page after page of listings, desperately trying to determine who's a creeper and who's your next best friend. Sure, we've covered the lighter side of Craigslist before, but to pay homage to Renters Week 2015, we've rounded up some of ski country's creepiest listings. When will people learn that bare mattresses, empty bed frames, and strange decorations are sending the wrong message?

$425 Room in Breckenridge via Craigslist.

↑ This loft for rent at Breckenridge's Falcon Apartments has one of the saddest, weirdest beds we've seen in ski country. Floor bed and lumpy plastic garbage bag anyone?

$550 Studio Apartment, Furnished, Includes Everything, No Lease via Craigslist ↑ For only $550 a month you too can live like a creepier! This Leadville long-term motel room has it all, from random bits of trash on the floor to mountain classic art work on the wall. Who wouldn't want to make this their launching pad for mountain fun?

$200 Summer Room Rental Available via Craigslist ↑ There's nothing like feeling as if your roommate is constantly watching your every move, even in the bathroom. These fish eye lens photos, combined with the saddest looking curtain hanging from the wall have got us just begging to move in...or run. And why take a picture of the closet when it looks like that? We guess when you're only paying $200/month, beggars can't be choosers.

Female Roommate (1 or 2) - Upscale 3 BR Apartment via Craigslist

↑ And finally, there's this Reno gem. Now, there's nothing creepy on the surface, but when you look closer at the ad and realize that the lister is a "mature male" looking for 1 or 2 female tenants to join him and add to that the robe delicately laid across the bed, you get a real weird vibe. Upscale be damned, we'll bring our own robes, thank you very much.

- Tara Tubb

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