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This Is How You Make Living In a Treehouse In Your Parents' Backyard Sound Cool

So, you've decided to escape the treachery of "making more money, which means I can have a nicer apartment and more stuff" to build a treehouse in your parents' backyard. Normally not the coolest move, but if that is something you're determined to do, try to follow in the footsteps of Foster Huntington and have parents with a plot of beautiful land in the Washington state wilderness. It also helpful to raise tens of thousands of dollars via Kickstarter and a book deal for books of photos that you took while living out of your van, which will allow you to pay your friends "competitive rates" to actually build the treehouse. Finally, make sure to name everything with "bro-" puns, just to really complete the picture.
· Escape to Bro-topia [NYT, via Adequate Man]