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Artist Regrets Saying That His Giant Sculpture Outside Versailles Represents Marie Antoinette's Vagina

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Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor has walked back his comments that indicated that his giant red sculpture currently installed in front of the Palace of Versailles is meant to represent the vagina of Marie Antoinette. (What he actually said was that the sculpture is "le vagin de la reine qui prend le pouvoir," or, "the vagina of the Queen who took power.") Not that he's sorry for the sentiment—it more seems that he regrets reducing the artwork to a single interpretation. "A work has multiple interpretive possibilities," he later clarified. "Inevitably, one comes across the body, our bodies and a certain level of sexuality. But it is certainly not the only thing it is about." People in France are apparently outraged over the piece, though the outrage seems fairly mild as outrage goes, coming mostly from France's far-right political faction and some tourists who have purported to be grossed out once they were informed what the sculpture is.
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