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Aspen's Lift 1A Still Crucial to Holding the 2017 World Cup

The Aspen Daily News is reporting that after meeting in Bulgaria this past week, Aspen Skiing Co. officials have confirmed that in order to hold the 2017 World Cup Finals, the FIS Council wants Aspen to build a new lift and redevelop the western base area of Ajax Mountain. The Lift 1A situation was discussed behind closed doors. A new lift would cost about $8 million and need to be ordered by April 2016 in order to be installed in time for the Finals. But replacing the mountain's original ski lift is the first of many problems for the aging base area; the entire base area needs to be reimagined and rebuilt in order to hold a successful race. A redevelopment plan for the base area is currently in the early stages of development, although details are scarce. More details, this way.