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17 Ways to Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Like a Tree House

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There is a smug sense of superiority that comes along with transforming a 250-square-feet-of-gloom apartment into an arboreal hideaway. After all, it's no easy task. There are bright green prints to pick out, refurbished wood chairs to haggle over, and the beckoning calls of your dehydrated flora to answer. But, these 17 objects might make it a bit easier.

It's no secret that Curbed has had a lifelong love affair with tree houses (Read: 92 posts in total, but no one's counting), which means that we're perfectly poised to curate any evergreen aerie. And, in case you're wondering, we firmly don't believe that tree houses need an actual, well, tree. In fact, these products are for anyone who believes that the tree house is merely a state of mind.

1. The Phytophiler No.6 (Satellites) by Dossofiorito, $625, L'ArcoBaleno

2. Marian planter, $58, Hedge

3. Reclaimed Wood Tree Swing, $200, Dwell Store

4. Sahel wall planter, $42, Anthropologie

5. Ladder Shelf, $149, Country Door

6. Vida Terrarium, $50, Bliss Home

7. Hummingbird Ivory, $374 per sq ft, Alexander McQueen tapestry

8. Hennie Chair, $295, Serena & Lily

9. Astral Bent Top Vase, $65, of a KIND

10. Malawian Chair, $357.18, L'ArcoBaleno

11. Tiny Cloud, $480, Richard Clarkson Studio for AhaLife

12. Dumont Media Console, $699, West Elm

13. Palm frond pillows, $90, My Island Home

14. Magical Thinking Geo Terrarium, $44, Urban Outfitters

15. Shadow Oil Lamp by Adam Frank, $55, AhaLife

16. Le Beancock, $570, Le Beancock

17. Pot cradle, price upon request, Hean