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Precipitation in May Set an All-Time U.S. Record

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After a sub-par winter for much of the west, the rain (and high-elevation snow) started pumping in late April and just wouldn't stop. We already explored just how much rain Colorado received in May, but now we have proof that for much of the country, May was the month that the sun died. According to the National Oceanic and and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center, the U.S. received 4.36 inches of rain, 1.45 inches above average. Across the U.S., it was the wettest May since researchers began keeping records 121 years ago. And although much of the coastal regions were dryer than normal, the May record was set in large part because Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas all had huge rain totals. Now if only all of that moisture had come in January or March, when the western ski slopes went weeks without snow.