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Canada in Turmoil Over Proposed 10-Story Statue

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Happy Canada Day! If you know a Canadian person, please wish him or her a happy anniversary of the enactment of the British North America Act, and also let him or know that our thoughts and prayers are with Canada at this difficult time, as the country is torn apart by the gigantic Statue of Liberty-esque structure that has been proposed for a national park.

Canada is currently split into two factions: those who are against the Mother Canada statue, comprised of basically everyone, and those who are for it, which is comprised of prime minister Stephen Harper and maybe a few other people. "The bigger-is-better approach to art is best left to Stalinist tyrants, theme park entrepreneurs and insecure municipalities hoping to waylay bored drive-by tourists," wrote the Globe and Mail newspaper in an editorial. Apparently the one thing that can make Canadians shed their politeness is a huge tasteless statue.
· 'Offensively tasteless' Mother Canada statue plan sparks outrage against PM [The Guardian]