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Recycled London Olympics Material Gets New Life at a Community Center

There's always been a current of interest in what happens to Olympic buildings once the Games have packed it in. By and large, the end of the Games means the structures are reused for lesser sporting events, concerts, and other large-venue happs. But in the case of this quite-nice London community center by local firm LYN Atelier, the recycling was a bit more small-scale but no less lovely.

The two-story center in the English capital's Hackney Wick neighb', dubbed Hub 67, is lined with plywood and has a steel-mesh facade punctuated by bits of colorful recycled metal that have a decorative edge in this post-industrial neighborhood without being twee. In addition to the plywood walls, lots of other interior finishes echo the recycled materials aesthetic: corrugated cardboard lampshades (nicer than they sound!) are just the beginning.

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