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A Mini Cooper Is Decor in This Quirky Japanese Restaurant

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All photos © Yoshiro Masuda, Taryo Etou via Archdaily

We see a lot of eccentric Japanese architecture—like a house with no interior walls—but rarely something this sweet and homey. Located an hour north of the city of Osaka in Nose (pronounced no-say), this small-town restaurant features a tiny kitchen fit within its own 'house,' generous windows that open to rolling hills, a wood-burning stove for winter, and (of course?) a Mini Cooper adjacent the dining area. If some furnishings seem especially homey, it's because they quite literally are: countertops, décor, and other items were provided by the local community. As the restaurant's designers Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects simply stated, "The space is designed to be a window that connects people's everyday lives to Nose."

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