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Magic Mike Returns, and With It the Sexiest Furniture Making in History

Magic Mike XXL opens today, finally answering the big question from the first movie: will Magic Mike make it as a custom furniture designer? (Magic Mike, if you forgot or didn't see the first one, was a stripper who really wanted to design furniture professionally.) Actually, you don't even need to see the movie for that question to be answered—you just need to watch the teaser trailer. Or read a review. From Richard Brody's review in the New Yorker:

As Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) had planned at the end of the first movie, he has gotten his custom-furniture business off the ground in Tampa, but it's a constant struggle and a lonely grind. Grind. Ha ha. Of course he ends up getting back into stripping, but, apparently, he combines it with furniture making, in a scene that sounds...bizarre.

When Mike returns to the Kings, he does so as an innovator. Though he's ready to dance with them, he gets them to ditch the old routines, based on clichés of the genre (such as the sexy fireman). Instead, his big idea is for the members of the group to render their routines personal, to replace their generic stage personae with ones that reflect each performer's personality, taste, and ambition [...] Mike's own number is a conceptual and choreographic marvel. It's a strip-for-two, in which he puts his own craft, as a furniture maker, to work in the construction of a huge gilded mirror frame—and dances a mirror-strip, in the style of the Marx Brothers.

So...yeah. If you're a fan of furniture and/or stripping, get out there and see Magic Mike.
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