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Swan Around This Gorgeous Seaside Dutch Villa For $2M

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Location: Zeeland, Netherlands
Price: $1,963,424

Tucked away in the hinterlands of the Netherlands, this charming seaside villa sits just a stone's throw away from the beach. Clocking in at a roomy 3,000 square feet, this $1,963,424 domicile comes with a wood stove, a fireplace, and, yes, a beach. The eight-bedroom, two-bathroom spread sits on a verdant acre of almost oceanfront property and makes use of natural materials like textured wood and pine for interior finishes, complementing the surrounding beach landscape. The art-filled pad—There's a Warhol in the living room!—was built in 1907 and then lovingly renovated in 2006, preserving all the original features along the way. Currently, the ample abode is spread across two symmetrical gabled volumes that come together in a breezy open plan. Need a bit more privacy than that? This verdant home boasts glass walls that slide closed to create miniature rooms for privacy.

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