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It Shouldn't Be That Hard for La-Z-Boy to Appeal to Millennials

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According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, La-Z-Boy is in the process of altering its brand to appeal more to younger buyers, using tactics such as putting smaller stores in urban areas (sure) and introducing a furniture line called Urban Attitudes (oof). Really, though, it shouldn't be that hard to make comfy reclining chairs appeal to millennials. Here are some ideas that La-Z-Boy can use if they want, none of which include the words "urban" or "attitudes."

1. Have each chair come with an HBO Go password that you can borrow.

2. Install smartphone-charging docks in the arms of the chairs.

3. Start a weird Twitter account from the point of view of a chair.

4. Put a speaker in the back of the chair that talks about how great Beyonce is.

5. Have a chair where the arms can be removed and turned into longboards.

6. Invent a chair that is open to the idea of getting a tattoo.

7. Just keep selling La-Z-Boy to older people so that the millennials can sit in them when they move back in with their parents.

You're welcome, La-Z-Boy.
· La-Z-Boy Adjusts to More Than Recliners [WSJ]