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Miami's Extraordinary La Brisa is Pricechopped to $55 Million

La Brisa, unquestionably one of the most historic houses in Miami and at one point the most expensive, has had its price chopped from $65 million to $55 million, now $12 million less than the current top dog in Miami-Dade real estate, Alan Potamkin's mansion, and the same price as that number on Key Biscayne's Mashta Point which itself has had a $5 million reduction. In addition to such superlatives as a large inlet/canal that has been called a private port, an almost 14,000 square foot, 9 bedroom house from the 1920s that was designed by Kiehnel and Elliott, a natural, spring-fed pool, and 6.9 acres that stretch from Coconut Grove's Main Highway to Biscayne Bay, La Brisa comes with some insane history.

Curbed Miami has all the decadent photos. >>