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Bolstered by the Purchase of Australia's Largest Ski Area, Vail Resorts Hits 52-Week High

Shares of Vail Resorts Inc. (MTN) hit a new 52-week high on July 13, proving that nobody in the ski industry plays the game quite as well as Vail.

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Shares are currently trading around $111, and analysts believe that the company's recent acquisition of Australia's biggest ski area boosted investors' confidence in the stock.

Of course, it also could be Vail's investment in their home mountain, or maybe their summer improvements at Heavenly. And don't forget that Vail, once one of the largest ski areas in North America, will soon be America's biggest skiing again. The company is currently in the midst of $50 million worth of capital improvements at Park City Mountain and Canyons to create the biggest ski area in the United States. The combined Park City-Canyons mountains will debut this fall.

All of this expansion and investment is certainly helping Vail's bottom line. At the moment, shares of Vail Resorts are earning a year-to-date return of more than 24 percent.

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