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Poll: After Daniel Libeskind, Who Should be CNN Style's Next Guest Editor? 7 Curbed Suggestions

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CNN recently launched its own design-focused channel, CNN Style, a destination for "intelligent, stylish content" focused on fashion, art and architecture. To kick-off the new initiative, the channel tapped Daniel Libeskind to be the first guest editor. The broadcaster has had some success recently recruiting big personalities such as Anthony Bourdain to deliver personal and provocative spins on travel and the news. Have they found another thrilling, telegenic host? So far, Libeskind has commissioned a series of videos about architecture, explored how emotion can shape our experiences with the built environment, and sat down for an interview where he talks about his favorite pieces of art and his daughter, who's pursuing a career in art. Since Libeskind's editorship has an expiration date, and the format offers a fascinating opportunity to get inside the heads of some of our leading architects, we've come up with a few suggestions for who CNN should reach out to next.

Jean Nouvel
Curbed has a series called The Quotable Frank Gehry that shows the Pritzker winner is a fountain of conversational gems and architectural real talk. But based on this recent New York Magazine piece alone, we think Nouvel would be even more opinionated, enlightening and entertaining. We'd love to hear his unfiltered perspective on the Philharmonie de Paris situation, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind designing am Islamic museum for New York's Park Place, all by one of the West's foremost interpreters of Arabic architecture, would be quite the revealing segment.

Jeanne Gang
One of Chicago's most noted contemporary architects, Gang's practice pushes material innovation and connections with nature. Descriptions of her projects and inspirations suggest that she'd bring a very eclectic, wide-ranging vision on design, as well as science, to the editor position and perhaps explore some of the nerdier aspects of high-tech design. And, she appears to have a great, dry sense of humor in front of the camera.

Bjarke Ingels
Based on the most recent out-of-the-box ideas from this architect-of-the-moment, including massive Tesla coils powered by human movement, it appears that placing a camera on Bjarke during a brainstorming session would be video gold. Also, his penchant for parkour could make for some cool, Ingels-directed GoPro experiences, and a chat between him and Googleplex co-designer Thomas Heatherwick would be a must-see.

David Adjaye
What's not to love about David Adjaye, prolific architect and industrial designer, accomplished Instagrammer, and the designer rumored to be a frontrunner for the Obama Presidential Library? With a number of high-profile projects in the works and a retrospective exhibition opening in Chicago this fall, now would be the time to get some screen time.

Shigeru Ban
The creator of a beautiful cardboard cathedral would be the perfect host to examine ideas of sustainability and social justice in architecture. He's currently been on the lecture circuit, and his firm has been doing work in Nepal, so it's likely he'll have plenty of first-person stories and in-the-field experiences to share.

Santiago Calatrava
He's been called the world's most hated architect, and has developed a reputation for projects that are both late and over-budget, but there's no denying that he's still creating grandiose public works. Giving him a platform may provide a telling look at the behind-the-scenes machinations that go into massive, experimental buildings while showcasing his creative process.

Karim Rashid
Purveyor of a signature, psychedelic, and often candy-colored aesthetic, Rashid would offer a truly unique perspective. Plus, considering his penchant for audience interaction and social media voting, perhaps he'll bring an interactive element to the show.

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