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This Innovative Irish Stool Wants to Flatten Flat-Pack

Hex wrenches and dowels, meet a mallet. The recently crowdfunded Whackpack furniture system sounds like a carnival game, and pretty much functions like one as well. The first commercially available piece, the wooden Creepie Stool, asks buyers to simply hammer in three legs and call it a day, no additional tools and hardware required. The assembly system utilized by Irish designer Benny Magennis, based on the vaguely traditional (and dirty-sounding ) "Bodging" technique and a type of Japanese joinery called "Hell Joints," perhaps isn't as revolutionary as the campaign makes it out to be. But a stool could be just the beginning. Magennis previously created a table and bench system as few years ago as a graduate project, which shows that a hammer and brute force might be a viable replacement for flat-pack furniture. For those who missed out on the Kickstarter, the stools will be one sale in August starting at $49.

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